Hi!  My name’s Lynne, and as you probably guessed, I’m mad about gardens!

Ever since I was a kid, and picked all the flower heads from the neighbour’s garden to give to my mom, and named my troll doll with the purple hair “Crocus”, I’ve been captivated by flowers and gardens.  Although I didn’t have a garden of my own until recently, I’ve always found a way to enjoy the beauty of plants.  Whether it’s a window box, pots on a patio or balcony, your own little plot of dirt to dig in, or something much grander, there’s a lot of enjoyment to be had from a garden.  It can be your own garden, a neighbour’s, a public garden, or a wild garden ~ there’s beauty everywhere if we take the time to look.

I’m just a beginning gardener, with a  small yard (into which I’m cramming a lot of fun stuff), so my goal is not to educate anyone, it’s just an attempt to share the happiness I find in my garden and the gardens I’m lucky enough to come across.

Maybe you’re someplace where you don’t get to see much green space, or maybe you don’t have time to get out and about to “stop and smell the roses”, or maybe you just need to take a tiny break in your work day to take a breather and remember that the outside world exists.  That’s why I’m blogging about gardens ~ to share the joy and surprises, and spread the peace, that gardens give to me.  And hopefully, by making a commitment to blog, I’ll also be reminding myself to look around me a little more often, and maybe, just maybe, water my garden once in a while instead of just having a glass of wine and thinking about it.

My photographic skills leave something to be desired, but I’m hoping to learn as I go.  I hope you’ll follow me down the garden path…. so to speak!