Oh my gosh, I was so excited when I did my first post~ I was all keen and everything!  Then, holy cow, over a week’s gone by and I haven’t done a follow up yet!  Oh well, it’s spring break here, and so life has veered from its regular routine the past few days.  This past Saturday, sunshine and a day off did manage to coincide for once, so I did get to spend a few hours in the front garden doing fall clean up. (Fall cleanup?  Wrong season, I know, but what can you do?) Now I’m chomping at the bit to get out back where things are really a bit of a mess. Noticed these beautiful white hyacinth (with a lone little mini daff to keep them company) coming up through some old plant debris that’s left over from the fall. It reminds me of the Dr. Seuss book/movie “Horton Hears a Who”. Remember that classic? There’s a whole village on a speck of dust, and the folks that live there want to get Horton the elephant’s attention, so they all group together and start to chant, “We are here!, We are here!”, and lo and behold, Horton hears them and saves them. The hyacinth are kind of like that….amid a mess of decomposing plant matter, they’ve grouped together  and are chanting “We are here!, We are here!”, and just in case their pure white colour doesn’t get your attention, their fragrance will.  We are here!  We are here!  Pay attention, before they’re gone!